Turn Your IT Infrastructure On to Thwart Cyberthreats

By January 26, 2023 Cyber Security

Part of the Cobalt Iron Patents blog series




Working with Cobalt Iron, you can be sure you’re getting a data protection solution like no other — one that guards not just your data but your entire backup infrastructure. That’s partly because our Compass enterprise SaaS backup platform contains many patented techniques that nobody else offers.

In past blogs, we’ve explained how our innovative techniques can help you keep authentication control practices continually up to date and take the worry out of authorization control.

This time, it’s all about dynamic IT infrastructure optimization in response to cyberthreats.

In other words, Compass will automatically be able to reconfigure IT infrastructure and initiate remedial operations when it detects cyberthreats, such as a ransomware attack. This capability will automatically harden the backup infrastructure and help keep data safe and accessible.


Cybercriminal activities increasingly threaten the availability and integrity of critical business data. It’s challenging enough to detect these activities in a timely manner, but once you do, you might be unsure about how to limit the impact of an attack and to remediate any damage. Particularly challenging is the fact that most IT infrastructures are statically configured and completely unresponsive to changing conditions and cyberthreats.


These patented techniques will allow Compass to:

  • Continually monitor metrics, events, and conditions for indications of a cyberattack in the network
  • Analyze metrics, events, conditions, and configurations to identify infrastructure components and data that could be impacted by or be vulnerable to a cyberattack
  • Automatically restrict access to impacted or vulnerable infrastructure components and data
  • Automatically create an audit report of impacted infrastructure components and data
  • Automatically initiate remediation operations for impacted data. Remediation operations might include things such as:
    • Initiating data replication of a previous clean backup version of the data to an off-site location
    • Initiating recovery and validation of affected data into a safe storage location


Thanks to these patented capabilities, you get unique ransomware analytics and automated optimizations that respond to cyberthreats. They will dynamically adjust access to backup infrastructure and to data ... thereby reducing exposure to cyberattacks. They will also be able to provide analytics-based insights into an attack and automatically perform various operations to further secure your data.

For example, in the event of a cyberattack, Compass could detect the event, conduct impact analysis to determine which data and hardware components might be affected, restrict access to those data and components, perform other operations to remediate exposures, and generate an audit report associated with the event.

The bottom line: Additional ransomware analytics, combined with automated responses, will further secure your critical business data and make backup infrastructure more responsive to cyberthreats.

Cobalt Iron is continually enhancing the Compass solution with new, innovative techniques. Dynamically optimizing the IT infrastructure is just one of the many unique ways Compass delivers backup infrastructure and data protection with simplicity and security at scale.

Thwart cyberthreats by turning on your backup infrastructure with Cobalt Iron Compass!

We’ll tell you more about Cobalt Iron innovations in future blogs, so keep an eye out. Until then, contact us to learn more.

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