Give Your Spectrum Protect Customers Seamless, Secure Backup Without the Heavy Lifting

By August 03, 2021 Partner News

Cobalt Iron Compass is part of the IBM Passport Advantage program. Through Passport Advantage, IBM sellers, partners, and distributors around the world can sell Compass under IBM part numbers to any customers that can greatly benefit from the automated data protection and anti-ransomware solutions Compass delivers.

That’s great news if you’re a distributor or reseller who routinely works with IBM. Why? Because it’s now much easier to present Compass as a single solution to your IBM customers rather than yet another add-on product. The benefit is a stronger sales conversation for you and greater value for your customers.

Why Compass makes your backup conversations stronger

IBM Spectrum Protect has long been a mainstay of the enterprise data protection market because it covers enterprise environments better than other solutions out there. But its technological sophistication leaves users needing an easier way to manage and maximize it. Compass is a complete, turnkey solution to enterprise data protection that uses the strength and maturity of IBM’s capabilities while filling in all the gaps. Compass customers get all of the power of battle-tested IBM technology, plus simple and efficient management over all that technological sophistication and modern, flexible architecture with SaaS delivery. It also adds completely new value beyond what competitors can do, like full automation of backup operations and infrastructure, and scalability to multipetabyte multicloud environments.

What does Compass bring to the table?

Compass is a new approach to data protection, harnessing analytics and automation to drive out cost and complexity while delivering reliable protection and valuable data insights to the business. Compass is built on a foundation of IBM Software, IBM Cloud, and IBM FlashSystem Storage. It goes way beyond backup and recovery to deliver:

  • Breadth of cloud and platform support and functionality
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transport
  • Enterprise battle-tested
  • Logical data airgap
  • Reliability and Scalability
  • Analytics-driven automation
  • Integrated analytics-driven reporting and alerting
  • Cyber-resiliency to protect against ransomware and malware
  • Global catalog of enterprise data with global search
  • Identity management and authentication
  • Operational simplicity with self-service and multitenancy
  • Protect data anywhere, instantly
  • Simple and intuitive web-based dashboard
  • VTL technology for IBM I, IBM AIX, and others

For more detail, take a look at How Compass Enhances Spectrum Protect.

Compass is the right fit for customers ready to modernize without sacrificing scale and security

While Compass provides value for a wide variety of enterprise environments, it is especially well-suited to customers who:

  • Are concerned about cybersecurity, including ransomware readiness, protection, detection, and remediation.
  • Have 100 TB to 1,000+ TB of protected data in distributed locations.
  • Are using multiple enterprise backup and storage products to protect a variety of workloads.
  • Are using diverse platforms and wish to consolidate.

All of those factors yield complications and challenges with backup operations, backup software updates, data recovery, and more. The larger and more complex the operation, and the greater the mixture of systems with data to protect, the more value Compass delivers.

Cobalt Iron is an IBM partner that has invested in building on the strengths of Spectrum Protect, enabling a unique ability to enhance and extend this IBM powerhouse exceeding the expectations of modern buyers. Because you can now get Compass through IBM Passport Advantage, you can give your customers a seamless, secure backup experience without doing any heavy lifting.

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