How comprehensive backup reporting features reduce risk

By January 14, 2021 Features

Without accurate visibility into their data protection operations, organizations struggle to know what’s really going on with their workloads. Inaccurate or incomplete reporting is not only an aggravation but can be a real danger to your business.

Cobalt Iron Compass solves this challenge by providing clear visibility with comprehensive dashboards and reporting. With the tools in the Compass Commander interface you can be confident you are protecting your most important assets and aware of potential risks.

Watch how to navigate reports in Commander

The initial view in Commander displays the overall health of your data protection operations. That’s great visibility, but reports can provide more details about your backup environment.

view your Reports, Schedules, and Archives

In Reports you’ll see the complete list of reports available. There are dozens of out-of-the-box reports that give absolute visibility into things like capacity usage, client consumption, backup events, and potential malicious activity. And you have an executive dashboard so you can show your boss what a great job you are doing maintaining your SLA’s!

Click “Run” to generate any report on-demand. You’ll have the ability to customize the entries with the exact information you are looking for.

schedule any report QUickly

Click on the schedules tile to view and edit scheduled reports that are already created. This makes it easy when you want to change a report, or to add or remove a recipient from the distribution.

In the archives tab, you can view and retrieve any report that was generated in the past. Reports can be exported in a number of formats including HTML and XLS.

Reporting Features Reduce Risk and Increase Efficiency

These powerful tools in Commander give you comprehensive visibility into your environment reducing risk in your backup operations.

Reporting on your data protection operations doesn’t have to be complicated – and with Cobalt Iron Compass - it isn’t. Learn more about how Cobalt Iron Compass can give you the visibility you need into your backup environment.

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