How Government Agencies Can Improve Cyber Security and Reduce Costs

By April 12, 2020 Cyber Security

We can’t say it often enough: Organizations of all types and sizes continue to be under a major and growing threat from cyberattacks. It’s never been more important to consider your approach to risk mitigation and pay heed to cyber security mandates. It’s especially critical for state and local government entities, which tend to be among the most vulnerable to cyberthreats.

Government agencies are ripe targets to be taken hostage by hackers and malware attacks, since they tend to lack the resources, expertise, and budget to protect data effectively. It doesn’t help that most data protection solutions require the purchase of a “point product” or add-on solution that increases both costs and attack surfaces.

The cybercrime numbers in the public sector are real, and they’re shocking.

  • In 2019, cyberattacks against state and local governments were up 65% from the previous year. In January alone, four major U.S. cities suffered crippling ransomware infections.
  • Even if cities can sidestep paying the ransom, they often incur recovery and other costs that are much higher. After a devastating attack on the City of Atlanta, Georgia, costs topped $17 million.
  • In 2015, industry insiders predicted that the global cost of cybercrime would reach $6 trillion by 2021 – double the amount in 2015. It’s a safe bet that we’ll meet or exceed that number.

Cobalt Iron Compass™ and Cyber Shield™: Your Best Defense

At Cobalt Iron, we understand the cybersecurity challenges of our state and local government customers. We also believe that robust security measures should be integral to backup and recovery architecture, and not simply add-on features. Exhibit A: the Cyber Shield™ security features built into the Cobalt Iron Compass™ Enterprise SaaS backup platform.

Here’s how Compass and Cyber Shield can protect your agency:

  • Compass delivers on the three “Rs” of true risk mitigation: Readiness, to ensure enterprise data protection is always battle-ready; Response, with features for a rapid and coordinated identification and resolution that minimizes the negative impact of a cyber-attack; and Recovery, with rapid restore functions and analytic insights to fortify against future attacks.
  • Compass’ hermetically sealed data backup workflows protect your operations from the typical cybersecurity points of failure. In addition, the locked-down Compass architecture eliminates many of the cyber-attack planes typical in other backup operations.
  • Compass reduces up to 90% of the daily administrative tasks associated with backup. That’s good news for budget-constricted agencies, because they no longer need to invest in subject matter experts, backup administrators, and other capex and opex items to ensure security and savings.

At our April 21 webinar with partner DLT Solutions, we’ll share a lot more about how Compass and Cyber Shield can help your agency build a rock-solid line of defense against cybercrime, while reducing costs. We hope you’ll join us.

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