Need to Simplify Management of Your Multitenant Environment? We’ve Got a Patent for That!

By April 02, 2019 Patent

AutomationImageBusinesses and service providers are using multitenant environments within the enterprise to take advantage of benefits such as cost savings, more robust data aggregation and analysis, and simpler maintenance. With these benefits, however, come the challenges of dealing with greater complexity — a greater number of moving parts, or suborganizations, that are constantly changing.

As enterprises have moved to multitenant environments to enable cost-effective sharing of IT resources, we’ve seen firsthand the difficulties they face in tracking IT resource usage.

Administrators Struggle to Make Traditional Tools Work

Despite the fact that modern enterprises are constantly changing and complex in their structure, the majority of current IT management solutions remain static and hierarchical in nature. Because these management systems are not able to represent adequately the organizational dynamics of modern enterprises, customers and service providers have had to force-fit organizational representations into their tools.

A new approach built with multitenancy at the center

At Cobalt Iron we’re proud of our continual innovation when it comes to customer value, and we saw room for a great deal of improvement in how IT management solutions support the user. So, leveraging our own expertise in data protection and backup, as well as our experience building sophisticated IT solutions for enterprise customers, we took on the shortcomings of traditional IT management systems with respect to backup in multitenant environments. Specifically, we developed new techniques for presenting views of a backup environment for an organization on a sub-organizational basis. And we patented it.

The patented approach to managing multitenancy is built into our SaaS platform Compass and available to all customers. No add-ons.

stencil.twitterBy addressing modern organizational dynamics, the techniques represented by our new patent (U.S. Patent #10133642, in case you’re curious) make it easier for service providers, systems administrators, backup administrators, and other IT professionals to represent and manage their IT infrastructure and enterprise organizations more accurately and more easily.

With this new patent and the techniques outlined in it, we have extended our already advanced multitenancy capabilities. Cobalt Iron’s Compass platform and the Commander user interface now empower users to address numerous organizational structures across a complex ecosystem of customers, partners, service providers, distributers, and vendors.

Administrators can access and manage a dynamically modifiable organizational matrix, viewing and tracking these suborganizations as a group or independently to examine factors such as chargebacks, reporting, and resource utilization. We’ve also given our customers the ability to provision backup and other IT services based on IT resource utilization, resource consumption by a user, enterprise security settings, roles, and other factors.

Want to simplify IT resource tracking and management in your multitenant environment? We’ve got a patent for that!

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