How Retail Operations Modernize Backup with Compass®

By August 21, 2019 Modernization

Today, technology is not only changing the way IT runs, it is changing the way IT supports business operations. Retailers like Cheney Brothers rely on operational efficiency to separate them from competitors. They need simple, fast, intuitive technology that enables them to concentrate on their core mission of serving their customers.

When done right, this marriage of technology and operations yields business processes that are faster, more efficient, and more informed. This intelligent transformation is having a massive impact on the retail industry, where improved efficiencies in inventory management are having a direct effect on the bottom line.

Aging Tape Libraries No Longer Cutting It

Cheney Brothers is just one example of a retail company that has improved efficiency and reduced costs by updating their IT infrastructure. The fastest growing food distributor in the United States, Cheney Brothers uses 550 trucks and four distribution centers to deliver over 64,500 highly perishable fresh and frozen food products throughout North and South America. To ensure those deliveries arrived on time, they previously used tape libraries to back up their data, a solution that was neither scalable nor reliable.

Faster, Simpler, Better

Cheney Brothers moved their inventory management system from SAP business applications to a SAP HANA database platform protected by Cobalt Iron's Compass®. This move not only reduced costs and introduced scalability, it simplified data protection and management across all of their sites. Raul Revilla, SAP Basis Administrator at Cheney Brothers, is also pleased with how much faster backups are with the new Compass solution: “I absolutely love the speed at which we can perform backups now,” he said. “It used to take us eight hours to back up our production database, which is about 2 terabytes, and now I can do it in under an hour.”

Convenient Packaging Eliminates Cost and Complexity for Retail Customers

In an industry where time is money and inventory management is essential, scalable modern data center solutions are business imperatives. But customers like Cheney Brothers also need their technology to be turnkey solutions that are easy to deploy. And they are looking for solutions that can help them control and contain the issues of system management, administration, and maintenance that can too often become a drain on time and resources.

Cobalt Iron’s Compass data protection solution addresses each of these needs. Compass delivers the highly scalable, resilient solution that companies like Cheney Brothers demand, and then goes the next step to ensure they are also simple to implement. Additionally, Compass provides the centralized management, global policy administration, and automated maintenance updates the customer needs to move their business forward.

Backup and recovery are critical for organizations and can become cumbersome without the right expertise. Cheney Brothers is no exception to this mission-critical reality. Fortunately, Cheney Brothers was able to leverage Cobalt Iron’s expertise to deliver the best solution for their backup and recovery needs. The Compass solution accelerates backup processes, enables automated updates, facilitates remote monitoring and management, and scales easily from terabytes to exabytes. The result of all these virtues is greater overall satisfaction for the organization.

The Compass data protection solution makes it easier than ever for retail companies like Cheney Brothers to eliminate the costs and complexity associated with outdated IT infrastructure. 

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