Opening a New Chapter

By September 18, 2018 New Beginning

Welcome! Cobalt Iron is a fast-growing tech startup in a cosmopolitan nook in the Midwest, where basketball, live music, and technology rule the day. We deliver multi-cloud backup for enterprise customers. Most would find Kansas an unlikely place for an independent software vendor looking to transform the backup market. But that is well aligned to the personality of Cobalt Iron. Cobalt Iron was founded on the vision that business as usual is not good enough. We are driven by a restlessness that is constantly seeking a better way, a more efficient way. And because we are a technology company, we look for a software, scripted, automated way. Our team of software engineers and IT professionals has over 100 years of collective experience in the backup, recovery, archive and storage space. To borrow a famous line from Farmers Insurance “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

For many years we have been busy solving backup challenges and building innovative software to automate those solutions. We have reached a point in our journey where we’re ready to share what we’ve learned along the way and some thoughts on where we see storage, backup, and recovery heading in the future. This certainly is not intended to indicate that we feel we have arrived – there are hills to climb and many battles ahead. Every day we are excited to innovate and take on new challenges. By launching this blog, we look forward to sharing insights that have come from many years of collective IT experience in the hopes of helping folks who are fighting similar battles on a daily basis.

If backup, archive, restore, disaster recovery, storage, or cloud touch your professional responsibilities then we’re writing for you. For those who, despite late nights and working weekends, are struggling to keep up with the brutality of backup. For those whose responsibility to the corporation includes assurances that full recovery can and will happen in the event that disaster strikes. For those who recommend data protection solutions for customers who put their trust in your hands. If you see yourself in this group we hope you will visit again to read the blog. We invite you to send us questions or topics that you would like us to address in the future.

Thanks for checking out our inaugural blog. We hope you’ll be back to see us again soon.

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