Simplify Management of Enterprise-Scale Backup Infrastructure

By March 25, 2022 Automation

Managing a modern enterprise backup infrastructure is complex and cumbersome. There are many different physical and software products that need to be combined to create a successful backup environment.

In addition, that infrastructure must be continuously monitored to ensure successful execution of all backup and recovery operations required to meet business service levels.

Consider the network, the backup server and its operating system, the database that is required to manage the backup meta-data, and the storage to use as a backup target. On top of that you have the backup software itself, that probably also has a slew of agents requiring their own management and maintenance.

For multi-site organizations, there will likely be a requirement for a backup server, and its associated hardware and database on every site.

To further complicate matters, many organizations still run multiple backup products for different environments – maybe one product for virtual environments, one for physical, separate services for cloud, and perhaps differing products for different locations or organizations.

Often added to all these backup products are more products and tools for monitoring, reporting, security, and analysis.

All of these typical backup infrastructure components create a bewildering array of issues that consume too much time, mindshare, and money.

With Cobalt Iron, there is no managing of the backup infrastructure. That’s right, Compass software automatically manages the entire backup infrastructure and delivers data protection via a software-as-a-service platform. So everything is taken care of for you.

You don’t need to monitor the storage for capacity or performance issues. You don’t need to patch operating systems or backup software. You don’t need to worry about all the tasks associated with the backup infrastructures. And with Compass, security is built into the backup domain which is logically separate from the production domain.

Customers log in to Compass via the Compass Commander web portal. Commander allows users to choose systems to backup, set schedules and retention policies and establish reports and alerts. That’s all that IT administrators really want to focus on. Let Cobalt Iron Compass take care of the rest.

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