The Value of Backup Automation at Enterprise-Scale

By September 03, 2020 Automation

It’s no secret that enterprise backup and storage admins managing complex legacy infrastructure are overworked. Many of their required daily tasks go unrecognized and underappreciated, even though these are the daily operations that make or break organizations in a disaster.

Do the items on this chart look familiar? Maybe your team is responsible for handling these tasks manually, one at a time?


There's no doubt that automation of any or all of these tasks can save time and money. What about your current state? Assess your current backup environment:

  • Does your solution automate these tasks?
  • How quickly can you scale up to meet increasing data storage demands?
  • How many different siloed solutions does your team have to manage?

Optimized automation is key to successful enterprise backup and recovery

The sheer amount of data and number of operational tasks being managed by enterprises makes backup automation mandatory for organizations in the full swing of digital transformation. And there are tangible benefits.

Automation increases data security

Enterprise backup has many moving parts including backup servers, backup server OSs, a backup catalog or database, backup software, backup agents, storage, and networking. Each of these parts requires various access privileges in order to be configured and maintained.

The fewer people (or entities) who have access to your data, the more secure your environment. Your data gatekeepers are entrusted with highly sensitive information and should only have the access needed to perform their assigned tasks – no more. If all of these moving parts of enterprise backup were completely automated, requiring no access privileges at all, your backup operations would not only be automated, but much more secure.

Automation frees resources for higher value tasks

Automation delivers consistency, predictability, and scales in a way that human operators cannot. This doesn’t mean that humans are no longer needed. Instead, the backup administrator’s time can be focused on key tasks that demand their expertise and bring more value to the business.

Is a complex, difficult, frustrating backup environment creating cost and operational challenges for your business? Automating more of your enterprise backup operations can bring improved data management, data discipline, and data governance.

Trends in backup automation

There has been a lot of activity in the backup and recovery market, with newcomers entering and legacy providers spinning off niche offerings that promise to simplify operations. Unfortunately, large, complex organizations with hundreds of terabytes to multi-petabyte backup environments have not been able to take advantage of a lot of the promised efficiencies or performance.

For leaders faced with the need to reduce costs and do more with fewer resources, automation holds tremendous value. Compass®, Cobalt Iron’s SaaS-based data protection platform, is uniquely capable of automating up to 90% of daily backup administration tasks at enterprise scale.  In addition to saving time and effort, eliminating access with Compass® Zero Access™ will greatly enhance your backup data security.

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