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By January 31, 2019 Modernization

IBM Think, IBM’s newest business and technology conference event, focuses on solutions to some of the world’s most daunting technical and business challenges. Last year’s event, Think 2018, was billed as a conference designed to help attendees — leaders within their organizations — to modernize and secure their enterprises. Being new to the industry, I did not attend Think last year. However, I have heard from myriad colleagues that they found the event’s focus on integrating content and solutions to better address current technical challenges to be timely, and squarely in line with the kinds of conversations we have every day at Cobalt Iron.

Led by industry disruptors and innovators, Think 2019 sessions will focus on topics including cloud and infrastructure, data and artificial intelligence (AI), security and resiliency, and smarter business. I’ll be joining the fray with a presentation on a topic near and dear to our hearts at Cobalt Iron: simplifying enterprise data protection through smart, secure, and automated solutions.

Our session, titled “Eliminate the Daily Grind of Backup Administration,” will start at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 13, at the St. Regis Hotel San Francisco. We plan to discuss traditional challenges for the backup administrator, as well as some new technology trends that will soon be demanding their attention.

Most Think 2019 attendees probably will be familiar with the complexity of conventional daily backup administration, which traditionally has included an array of installation, configuration, management, testing, analysis, monitoring, maintenance, research, and reporting tasks. We’ll touch on those requirements briefly and then get into the impact of advances in cloud technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and cyber security. While other presenters will be touting their ability to add value to the business, we will be discussing ways these new technologies add complexity to backup.

Naturally, we’ll follow up with solutions. We’ll describe the key features of a modern data protection solution and how they allow users to achieve unified management and reporting with continuous currency and support for cloud workloads across the entire enterprise. In short, we’ll explain how modern, cloud-based data protection allows enterprises to embrace recent technological advances while overcoming the operational and management challenges of legacy backup.

Backup is just one aspect of managing a successful business these days, but it is a critical consideration and task. Our session on backup will provide information that can help significantly ease the pain of managing backup across large and complex business operations and backup landscapes.

If you’re interested in checking out Think 2019, visit for further details and online registration. We hope to see you there

Even if you don’t attend the conference, you still can learn more about our cloud-based data protection solutions. Visit or drop us a note at

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