GCP Cloud Backup Solutions

GCP offers many features organizations want from a public cloud platform to include high availability, redundancy, security, and much more. Despite these benefits, organizations must remember that as they host applications and data in GCP they retain responsibility for them.

This puts the onus on organizations to back up and recover their applications and data. Should they become corrupted, deleted, lost, or compromised, GCP does not automatically back up or recover them.

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The full TOP 3 report is available for download immediately. DCIG used the following criteria to determine which solutions to evaluate and include in this TOP 3 report:

  • Protect applications and data residing in GCP

  • Meet backup and recovery requirements of organizations with multiple TBs of data

  • Solution is shipping and available by February 1, 2021

  • Sufficient information available for DCIG to make an informed, defensible decision

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