The backup industry has seen a lot of changes over the years, but nothing compares to the changes that have taken place in the first few months of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic led governments to issue stay-at-home orders to prevent the spread of the virus.

As a result, people who were lucky enough not to lose their jobs suddenly stopped “going to work” and instead began working from home.

It was the largest and fastest shift to a remote workforce in history, and it meant that administrators had to be able to manage data backup and recovery without physical access to the data center.

Questions addressed iN this industry brief:

  1. Is it possible to deploy a new backup solution while following social distancing?
  2. Can I run hands-free enterprise backup operations?
  3. How do I make sure all the newly purchased laptops for remote workers are being backed up?
  4. How can I make sure day-to-day backup activities don’t get lost in the shuffle?