ESG: First Look at Compass Cyber Shield Technology

ESG performed a detailed evaluation of the Compass Cyber Shield features. The evaluation focused on highlighting the solution’s cyber-recovery capabilities. Download your copy of the report for full details.

The report includes details and diagrams on:

  • Challenges for backup security
  • Overview of Compass and Cyber Sheild Features
  • Data Protection Overview
  • Recovery Process Overview

Published: October 2021
Author: Vinny Choinski, Senior Validation Analyst; and Tony Palmer, Senior Analyst

ESG Analyst Conclusion:

"Compass is an enterprise-scale, Saas-based data protection platform that is designed to protect customer data, automate operations, provide predictive analytics, and more. The Compass architecture is positioned to safely back up an organization’s most critical data and, most importantly, recover that data no matter what caused the data integrity issue. Organizations looking to gain confidence in their data protection strategy with a near-autonomous and simplified backup solution should take a deeper look into Cobalt Iron Compass."