Yesterday’s backup methods don’t fit today’s needs. With the amount of administration and management that goes into daily enterprise backup operations, the sheer volume of data, the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, and the mass move to remote workflows, traditional data protection solutions just aren’t viable anymore.

What does modern data protection Look Like?

The importance of consolidating many data protection solutions into a single platform cannot be overstated when talking about modernizing enterprise backup.

This paper addresses what it means to modernize and explains how a hyperconverged, intelligent data protection solution can achieve it by consolidating all aspects of data protection into a single platform. You’ll see how such a solution uses a built-in analytics engine to drive automation, as-a-service delivery to reduce costs, and integrated ransomware and other security methods to all but eradicate cyberattacks. All while eliminating many manual tasks and adding value to the data it protects.