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ATS Group Partners with Cobalt Iron for Innovative, Analytics-Based Data Protection and Precise Service Delivery

By October 01, 2018 Press Release


This partnership between the ATS Group and Cobalt Iron empowers organizations with a modern, automated data protection solution including the flexibility of the cloud and expert service delivery.

The ATS Group, an industry leader in traditional and next-gen infrastructure IT solutions, announced today an integrated and collaborative data protection service offering in close partnership with Cobalt Iron, utilizing their industry leading Compass solution for enterprise backup.

There are a multitude of challenges facing organizations today related to backing up and retrieving data. Environmental complexity has outgrown legacy infrastructure backup solutions. The data protection experts at the ATS Group have knowledge and experience to simplify operations and optimize the value of your IT investments. Whether it is compliance support, data disruption, analytics, or workloads in the cloud, ATS delivers the optimized, adaptive data protection solutions necessary for modern corporations.

ATS Group and Cobalt Iron both specialize in cloud, storage, and monitoring and both have strong ties to IBM. Together the two organizations bring together the best of both worlds: innovative data protection with impeccable service delivery. This united solution offers diverse industry experience and a commitment to accelerating the use of analytics and cloud resources to save money, simplify operations, and increase value.

Cobalt Iron Compass modernizes backup delivering the features and scale of enterprise data protection combined with the flexibility and economics of cloud consumption. Compass eliminates complexity, reduces management, scales easily from terabytes to exabytes, and provides the simplicity not found in backup technologies and tools today.

Key Features

Data protection services from the ATS Group are seamlessly delivered through cloud technology. Customers benefit from key data protection as a service (DPaaS) features including scalability enabled through expertly managed cloud environments to support even the most expansive collections of data assets as well as the flexibility of delivery methods. This resilience ensures that services and support can grow alongside an organization’s expanding needs and informational requirements.

ATS’ data protection solution provides organizations with streamlined data migration from multiple, disparate backup and protection platforms, creating a unified, modern protection service supported by advanced cloud technologies. This includes key analytics, virtualization, encryption, and multi-cloud support features to reduce complications and limitations for data management. The ATS Group’s data protection solution sets a new standard for assertive information protection and backup.

The ATS Advantage

Data protection services from the ATS Group enables several key advantages over other services:

  • Migration services: Compass puts an end to the long, painful migration processes of the past. By leveraging analytics and automation, enterprises can seamlessly migrate from the past to the future.
  • Implementation services: Based upon proven best practices, ATS delivers modern data protection in a fraction of the time required to deploy legacy products.
  • Integration services: ATS’ RESTful API library and integration services were designed to ensure existing automation and management systems are respected and leveraged. ATS tightly integrates with existing, defined management layers including ServiceNow, Active Directory, and Remedy.
  • Cost efficiency: Thanks to the flexibility, scalability, and seamless service delivery, the DPaaS solution represents a cost-effective way to ensure an organization’s most essential data assets are properly safeguarded. As a service offering, businesses simply need to maintain existing infrastructure assets without concerns to invest in additional hardware or software thus eliminating unplanned CAPEX.
  • Advanced analytics: Data-driven benchmarks and indicators power key capabilities including workload automation, monitoring with associated alerting, and self-healing. Best of all, users can gain insight into these processes through a policy-driven dashboard.
  • Exceptional management and delivery: Our data protection services enable organizations to put a team of experts in charge. IT managers can rest easy knowing these critical functions are being carried out with the utmost care from a vastly experienced team.


About the ATS Group

As new tech emerges offering business advantages, enterprises need support and expertise that will enable them to reap the benefits. Based near Philadelphia, the ATS Group offers agile services aligned with modern IT innovations, providing a critical competitive edge. For almost 20 years, our consultants have worked together to provide independent and objective technical advice, creative infrastructure consulting and managed support services for organizations of all sizes. Our specialists help clients store, protect, and manage their data, while optimizing performance and efficiency. The ATS Group specializes in server and storage system integration, containerized workloads, high performance computing (HPC), software defined infrastructure, DevOps, data protection and storage management, cloud consulting, infrastructure performance management and real-time monitoring for cloud, on-premises and hybrid solutions. The ATS Group supports solutions from today’s top IT vendors including IBM, VMware, Oracle, AWS, Microsoft, Cisco, Lenovo, Pure Storage and Red Hat.

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