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Cobalt Iron Renames Flagship SaaS Data Protection Platform and Previews Coming Upgrades

By September 30, 2019 Press Release

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Oct. 1, 2019 — Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise data protection, today announced Cobalt Iron Compass™, the new name for its flagship SaaS-based enterprise data protection platform. The new name signifies the immediate insights and guidance the company delivers to its customers. With the renaming, Cobalt Iron kicks off a new phase of growth for the company and a new level of innovation for the platform.

Previously known as Adaptive Data Protection, Compass is the full software stack of Cobalt Iron technologies that allows enterprise data managers to save time and money while increasing their data protection and performance. With this proven platform, data custodians can implement the right solution to fit their unique business needs, and they have access to a range of analytics-driven data management capabilities through a unified web user experience.

Renaming its flagship platform is the first step in a series of updates from Cobalt Iron as the company continues expanding its capabilities. In the past 12 months, Cobalt Iron has delivered significant improvements to the platform, grown its high-performing team, and taken on strategic partnerships that have allowed it to deliver increased value to the enterprise data protection market. The components of the platform remain the same. Today, Compass includes four product components: Commander, Analytics Engine, Accelerators, and Accelerator Operating System. In the next 12 months, Cobalt Iron will roll out version enhancements and accelerate company growth to meet market demands and exceed customer expectations.

The next version of Compass will contain new capabilities such as enterprise search, which will enable users to perform centralized searches and identify where objects exist across the enterprise. This new release will also have enhanced virtual environment support as well as enhanced cloud platform and application protection. These enhancements will deliver improved technology features for VMware, Hyper-V, and cloud providers.

Cobalt Iron will also expand the Compass technology integrations with a wider portfolio of data protection features and functions to help customers make better use of their investments. Finally, users will see a simplified migration experience that reduces the timeline and complexity of data migration and fully enables them to decommission their legacy backup systems and infrastructure.

“Cobalt Iron provides Compass as the way to navigate through the complexity of data backup and recovery while meeting all the business outcomes the enterprise requires,” said Andy Hurt, chief marketing officer of Cobalt Iron. “Defining our platform with the name ‘Compass’ marks a milestone for us as a company and as a technology leader in the industry. The name reflects our commitment to empowering companies to improve their data protection outcomes. What is more empowering than a tool that points you in the right direction?”

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