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Cobalt Iron Advances Cyber Recovery With Isolated Vault Services

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Oct. 5, 2023 – Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise data protection, today announced Isolated Vault Services™, a new enhancement available in the Cobalt Iron Compass® enterprise SaaS backup platform. In a simple and unique way, Isolated Vault Services makes it possible to transition normal backup operations into isolated vault recovery services. It is intended for companies needing to recover data in an isolated vault or clean-room environment, typically as part of a declared disaster or cyber recovery operation. The simplicity of switching normal backup operations to isolated vault recovery services is something not experienced with other backup products.

With the ubiquity of cyber attacks, companies must continually improve their data resiliency and recovery posture. A critical part of that task is ensuring data is recoverable and then validating the integrity of recovered data after a disaster or cyber event. Data administrators need clean copies of data that they know have been and are isolated from access by bad actors. To that end, they often establish an isolated clean room for purposes of recovering systems, applications, and data.

Transitioning normal backup operations into isolated recovery services is challenging because backup infrastructures and operations are based on accessibility and connectivity that are not allowed in a vaulted recovery zone. In addition, typical backup environments have many vulnerabilities and are the target of cyber attacks themselves, so there must be some level of confidence that backup data and operations are sanitized before introducing them into a clean-room recovery environment.

As a result, organizations struggle with establishing safe, isolated recovery zones, where production operations can be restored from current backups that are accessible and validated.

Cobalt Iron Compass is unique in that all backup data ingested into the platform is vaulted and immutable by design, with no access available to the backup environment. Compass Isolated Vault Services extends these Zero Access™ architectural advantages by allowing administrators to toggle Compass Accelerators — the physical, on-premises devices that deliver the Compass SaaS platform — from normal backup operations into an isolated recovery services mode. At that point, customers can use the Compass Accelerators to restore business data and services inside of an isolated vault zone, completely disconnected from the internet. This vault service functionality is available through the local Compass Accelerator menu services or through the Compass REST API for orchestrated recovery.


Isolated Vault Services:

  • Facilitates clean room system, application, and data recoveries.
  • Allows any Compass Accelerator to operate in a completely network-isolated vault mode for safe recovery from cyber events and disasters.
  • Enables automated recovery orchestration via Compass Isolated Vault Services REST API.
  • Provides Compass Accelerator menu or REST API-driven vault services to:
    • Stop, start, restore, and query data protection server instances.
    • Control, select, and connect Accelerator-protected data storage.
    • Perform Accelerator-protected client data operations, such as list clients, unlock clients, and change client passwords.


Isolated Vault Services frees data administrators from cumbersome isolated recovery processes, such as establishing a recovery infrastructure in the isolated vault zone, manually reconfiguring backup and storage, manually recovering backup data and operations into an isolated vault environment, and validating backup data to ensure it was not infected prior to being made available in the isolated vault zone.

Isolated Vault Services is available today at no additional cost to Compass users.

“Disasters and cyber attacks can wreak havoc on even the most prepared businesses. We see organizations struggle with restoring data and services in safe, isolated recovery environments,” said Richard Spurlock, Cobalt Iron founder and CEO. “Compass Isolated Vault Services transforms the complexity of vaulted recovery zone services into simple and dependable recovery activities for systems, applications, and enterprise data following disaster or cyber events.”

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