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Cobalt Iron Compass Named DCIG Top 5 VMware vSphere Backup Solution

By October 12, 2021 Press Release

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Oct. 12, 2021 — Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise data protection, today announced that DCIG has named the company’s industry-leading Compass® enterprise SaaS backup platform as a Top 5 Large Enterprise VMware vSphere Backup Solution. This is the fifth time Compass has been ranked on a DCIG Top 5 list, having earned four other rankings in earlier DCIG reports. These include the Top 3 Google Cloud Platform Backup Solutions, the Top 5 Azure Cloud Backup Solutions, the Top 5 Enterprise AWS Cloud Backup Solutions, and the Top 5 Enterprise Anti-Ransomware Backup Solutions.

Download the full report for free >>

“Cobalt Iron delivers Compass as a hybrid, cloud-native software-as-a-service solution. Cobalt Iron maintains its Compass software and makes it available for use both on-premises and in six general-purpose clouds,” said DCIG President and Founder Jerome M. Wendt in his latest report. “Compass’ architecture positions enterprises to protect their vSphere VMs centrally, wherever they reside.”

In his detailed DCIG report, Wendt distinguishes Compass from the other VMware vSphere backup solutions DCIG evaluated through the following characteristics:

Grants instant access to VMs.

Using its instant access feature, enterprises can access, run, and modify a VM without restoring the data. Compass performs this instant access restore while maintaining an immutable stored version of the VM’s data.

In this restore type, Compass creates a definition of the VM in vSphere without restoring its data. Once started, the VM runs directly against the Compass backup repository. When shut down, Compass removes the VM from vSphere along with any resources it used. Enterprises may use these restores for analytics, development, or any use cases that only require access to a VM’s data.

Offers near-instant restore capabilities for even very large VMs.

Enterprises can perform near-instant restores for even multiterabyte VMs through vSphere using Compass’ vSphere client plug-in. Compass instantly restores a VM with full read-write capabilities. During the restore, administrators can create a new VM or replace the existing one. To facilitate rapid, nondisruptive restores, administrators choose the disks to recover and the mount proxy to use. Selecting between available mount proxies becomes critical if restoring multiple VMs, as this helps minimize contention during recoveries.

Provides comprehensive reporting capabilities via an intuitive interface.

An oft-overlooked component of backup administration, backup reporting takes on new importance as ransomware has become a concern. Compass includes reports that monitor for items such as application and client storage usage as part of its overall package.

However, Compass also monitors for and reports on potential malicious activity in the environment. Enterprises can generate these reports by scheduling them or producing them on demand. They can customize the reports by filtering on applications or regions to create the exact reports they need. Once the reports are created, Compass stores them so that enterprises can reference them later as needed.

“DCIG’s evaluations carry a lot of weight in this industry, so having another vote of confidence from these respected analysts is further confirmation that enterprises that rely on VMware vSphere can trust Cobalt Iron with their data security,” said Andy Hurt, chief marketing officer at Cobalt Iron.

Readers can download the DCIG TOP 5 Large Enterprise VMware vSphere Backup Solution report here.

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