Assess your Organization's Stage in the ESG Data Transformation Maturity Model

Keeping a data protection operation up-to-date and flowing smoothly can feel like a never-ending journey. The evolution of new technologies and platforms means enterprises must continually modernize and mature their old backup processes along the way.

For many enterprises, the desired destination, of course, is autonomous, secure, intelligent backup, and different organizations are in different phases of this journey.

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Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) published a Backup Data Transformation Maturity Model that illustrates the four distinct stages companies find themselves in.

  1. Baseline: Protect on-prem workloads
  2. Cloud-Enabled: Natively manage public and private cloud
  3. Data Intelligent: Context and content
  4. Autonomous: Minimize human interaction

According to ESG, the first two stages (the baseline and cloud-enabled stages) are separated from the last two stages (the data intelligent and autonomous stages) by what they call a data management chasm. Crossing that chasm is critical to reaching the destination.

In this white paper the four stages are covered in-depth and a strategy outlined for driving success no matter what stage your organization is in today.