Benchmark Assessment - Are you up to snuff?

By November 03, 2022 Automation

A Fast and Free Way To Figure Out If Your Backup Operations Are Up to Snuff


Have you ever wondered how you’re really doing when it comes to protecting your organization’s data? Dealing with the day-to-day job of data security can be all-consuming, so there’s never much time to look at how your backup operations compare to others. Are you on par with the rest of the industry? Could you be doing better? Are you doing something so stellar that others should be following your lead? Who knows?

If you’re like most CIOs, CISOs, backup and security administrators, and others who are in charge of backup, you just use your own judgement to determine how well your data is protected and whether you’re keeping up with industry standards. Or you hire expensive consultants to conduct a discovery and assessment project on your data protection.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

That’s because Cobalt Iron has teamed up with the independent data center analysts at DCIG on the  . This free tool eliminates the need for those imprecise or expensive assessment methods. And in the process, you get an industry-standard data protection maturity ranking and actions for improvement.

The assessment is an online survey that helps you evaluate the maturity of your enterprise data protection and compare it to similar companies — all in an effort to improve your data security.

Fast, Easy, and Free!

Taking the assessment is easy and takes less than five minutes.

And unlike most — if not all — other benchmark tools, Cobalt Iron’s Data Protection Maturity Assessment is free and publicly available.

Simply go to and answer the questions. You’ll be benchmarked against your peers and get immediate feedback on your answers — including a score, comparisons to other answers, action items for improvement, and a PDF Benchmark Report to share. In the comparison, you’ll see how your organization’s data protection maturity measures up against your peers in three categories: the same industry, the same number of employees, and the same company revenue.

The Benchmark Report outlines data protection maturity levels as Developing, Defined, Managed, and Optimized, with each level indicating an increase in maturity and controls in data protection standards.

You can retake the benchmark at any time, and as many times as you want, to see how your score has improved.

What to Expect

The survey questions reflect Cobalt Iron’s years of enterprise-level best practices in data protection and DCIG’s third-party analysis of enterprise cloud, data protection, and data storage technologies. Together, we created a questionnaire that will help you assess the maturity of your data protection posture.

DCIG president and founder Jerome Wendt put it best: “As analysts in this space, we get an in-depth look at all the best ways enterprises are protecting their precious data — and what they could be doing better. In cooperation with Cobalt Iron, we’re taking that first-hand knowledge and pouring it into questions designed to get people thinking about how to fill all the holes in their organization’s data security environment.”

We hope all of you who have a stake in keeping data safe take advantage of this free tool to improve data protection in your organization.



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