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CIO Best Practices: Protecting and Securing

Part of a blog series covering the top five CIO best practices

June 4, 2024

Cyber Security, Smart Data Protection

No More Haphazard Responses to Cyber Attacks. Try Coordinated, Proactive, and Rule-Based Response Instead.

After reading a few of these blogs, you’re probably aware of Cobalt Iron’s stable of patented technologies being inserted into the Compass enterprise SaaS backup platform. These technologies have a...

August 31, 2023

Cyber Security, Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

Looking for Enterprise Data Protection That Outperforms? GigaOm Says Look to Compass.

When you’re looking for the right tools to help maintain data security in your enterprise, the options can be overwhelming. Plenty of vendors claim to solve the problem, but how can you tell which...

August 10, 2023

Cyber Security, Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

Is Your Financial Organization Cyber-Resilient?

Part of the Cobalt Iron Patents blog series When people put their trust in a bank, brokerage, credit union, or other financial institution, they expect to be able to access their money when they need...

February 16, 2023

Cyber Security

Benchmark Assessment - Are you up to snuff?

A Fast and Free Way To Figure Out If Your Backup Operations Are Up to Snuff

November 3, 2022


CIO Best Practices: Intelligent Automation and Improving Service Through Optimization

Part of a blog series covering the top 5 CIO best practices

October 25, 2022


CIO Best Practices: Rapid Provisioning

This is the first blog in a series covering the top 5 CIO best practices.

September 8, 2022


Make the Switch to Compass and Empower Remote Backups

No doubt about it, we’re all going through some strange times on both a personal and business level. The COVID-19 pandemic is arguably the largest global crisis since World War II, and it’s forcing...

April 23, 2020


Can you transition your backup administration team to remote work?

Remote work policies, globalized teams, and demands for flexibility have all made the push to remote work culture more significant. With the current global pandemic, companies who may have been...

March 20, 2020


UPDATED: Does Your Backup Environment Support Compliance Mandates?

Data breaches can come at an enormous cost: lost business continuity, loss of reputation and customer confidence, and time and resources required to recover. Like never before, it’s critical for...

March 5, 2020

Cyber Security