Looking for Enterprise Data Protection That Outperforms? GigaOm Says Look to Compass.

When you’re looking for the right tools to help maintain data security in your enterprise, the options can be overwhelming. Plenty of vendors claim to solve the problem, but how can you tell which tools are the real stand-outs?

Like many enterprise data custodians, you might rely on technology analysts to help you sort through it all. And if you do, you’ll consistently find Cobalt Iron and our Compass enterprise SaaS backup platform near the top of their lists.

The latest analysts to sing our praises are from GigaOm. They placed Cobalt Iron very near the target on the GigaOm Radar for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection: Large Enterprises, which focuses on hybrid cloud data protection solutions suited for large enterprises.

What does that mean?

Every year GigaOm issues a series of documents to help IT organizations assess competing solutions in the context of well-defined features and criteria, such as scalability, performance, and total cost of ownership. The GigaOm Radar weighs each vendor’s execution, road map, and ability to innovate and plot solutions on a radar-like graph. The closer to the center a solution sits, the better its execution and value, with top performers occupying the inner Leader circle.

Cobalt Iron Compass is not only in the Leader circle for the second year in a row, but this year we also achieved Outperformer status, which indicates the fastest possible pace of innovation and rate of progression.

“Cobalt Iron impressed us this year with its Compass Cirrus cloud backup-as-a-service solution,” said Max Mortillaro, analyst for GigaOm. "This cloud-hosted BaaS offering delivers elastic scalability and feature parity with Cobalt Iron Compass under a pay-as-you-grow model.”

"Overall, the company is consistently executing against its road map and now offers flexible deployment and consumption options across its portfolio, delivering a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade data protection capabilities to its customers," added Arjan Timmerman, also an analyst for GigaOm.

The report states, “Cobalt Iron provides strong cyber resiliency features at both the predictive and remediation levels. The company puts a strong emphasis on its Zero Access architecture, which makes the data backed up into Compass inaccessible, read-only, and immutable; data can only be deleted based on strictly controlled and monitored data retention policies. Cyber attack detection includes monitoring multiple anomalies and abnormal behaviors, including baselining the normal environmental behavior and observing deviations, with additional ‘cyber inspection’ features to be delivered by the end of 2023. The capabilities are regularly improved and made available to customers. Finally, Cobalt Iron also proposes a logical air gap solution and options for physical air-gapped copies of backups.”

Cobalt Iron received “Exceptional” marks, indicating outstanding focus and execution in the key criteria of analytics, cyber resiliency, and backup as a service. We also got Exceptional marks across all of GigaOm’s evaluation metrics: solution life span, scalability, flexibility, efficiency, security, manageability and ease of use, and ecosystem.

GigaOm does such a thorough and thoughtful evaluation every year that its Radar report is a valuable reference resource for companies investigating technologies. The fact that Cobalt Iron Compass is not only in the Leader circle once again but has advanced to an Outperformer this year should instill the utmost confidence in anyone who’s considering Compass to protect their critical enterprise data.



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