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Compass Demo: Instant Restore for VMware Virtual Machines

One of the most stressful events for a VMware administrator is when a production application in a virtual machine has been lost or corrupted and must be recovered and operational as quickly as...

November 29, 2021

Operational Complexity

Bringing Virtual Machines into Enterprise Backup

In just a few years, virtualization has become standard practice in enterprise IT environments. Virtualization is a software-based technique that divides hardware elements such as processors, memory,...

June 29, 2021

Compass Features

Multitenancy for MSPs and Large Enterprises

Managing daily backup administration is a headache for many organizations. Managed service providers (MSPs) and large enterprises face even more challenges with multiple locations and organizations...

April 1, 2021

Smart Data Protection

Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Still Use Tape Backup

Is this the year your organization finally moves away from tape backup to more modern flexible solutions? If your company is heavily invested in tape backup, it’s understandable if you’re having...

January 21, 2021


What is the alternative to Veritas NetBackup?

If you work for a large enterprise, chances are there’s a Veritas NetBackup system in your operation. With NetBackup ranked among the most widely deployed backup and recovery solutions in the...

February 6, 2020